A Flooring Contractor for All Types of Client


bathroom-flooring-kardeanOne of the very best qualities of S & R Flooring Services is that we not only offer our services to all types of client, we also treat every job with the same professionalism and attention to detail.

Whether you are a domestic, commercial, or industrial client of S & R Flooring Services, you can be sure that you will receive the same high standard of quality service that every client deserves. It doesn’t matter the scale of the job or where the job is taking place, our team of experts give it their all in all work they carry out.

Other flooring contractors who focus on services for big businesses may not offer the very best quality of service suited to a domestic client. On the other hand, those flooring contractors catering to domestic clients may not have what it takes to get the job done right for a company’s facilities. With S & R Flooring Services, you get the best of both worlds, and everything in between.

Domestic Flooring Services

Glasgow Flooring services have been offering domestic flooring services since we first began in Glasgow. Installing quality flooring in houses is something our team relish doing as we know that our popular flooring solutions help turn houses into unique family homes.

Our expert team of flooring contractors have years of experience under their belts of installing all types of flooring in domestic settings, from contract safety flooring to lovely carpets. If you need domestic flooring services, only hire a professional flooring contractor who has the experience necessary to get the job done right first time.

Commercial Flooring Services

When it comes to commercial flooring services in Glasgow, no flooring contractor does it better than S & R Flooring Services. Our team has installed quality commercial flooring in a wide array of different settings, including supermarkets, gyms, and schools.

Commercial clients make up a large portion of our repeat client base, which means that many of the commercial clients we have worked with have come back to request our services again and again. They know that S & R Flooring Services never cuts corners and only offers flooring solutions that look fantastic and stand the test of time.

Industrial Flooring Services

Of course, S & R Flooring Services could never leave out our valued industrial clients who require all kinds of durable and sustainable flooring solutions. Our quality flooring is chosen by industrial clients time and time again because we offer exactly what they need, a flooring solution that completely suits their facilities.

Our industrial flooring is manufactured using only the highest quality materials so that anything you order from us provides an astounding level of value-for-money. Don’t risk investing in poorly made industrial flooring, choose S & R Flooring Services every time.

Everyone Should Call on S & R Flooring Services

No matter what client-type you fall into, S & R Flooring Services has you covered when it comes to great quality flooring. We come second to none for customer service and cost-effectiveness.

Give our friendly team a call today at 0141 952 9769 or use our handy online contact form to get in touch with us.

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