An Extensive Range of Residential Flooring Solutions

Residential flooring is a specialty of S & R Flooring Services; we offer the very best range of quality residential flooring solutions for all of our valued clients.

Residential flooring is extremely important for every client looking to invest in improving their home. This is because a great flooring solution can define the look and feel of an entire room which has a big effect on your home. With that in mind, you’ll want to speak to a well-established residential flooring contractor who can offer you an extensive range of quality flooring.

Glasgow Flooring services does its very best to bring you the latest and greatest in residential flooring. Just by taking a quick look around our website, or by visiting our popular Glasgow showroom, you can see that we offer a truly fantastic range of residential flooring.

Classic & Modern Residential Flooring

It doesn’t matter how eccentric or specific your taste in quality flooring is, S & R Flooring Services always has something great in store for anyone and everyone.

Whether you’d like a classic carpet style with a striking pattern for your living room, or perhaps a sturdy and smooth laminate flooring solution for your kitchen, S & R Flooring Services has you covered.

See for Yourself Before You Buy

Sometimes it can be difficult to invest in new quality flooring just by looking at images of what the floor looks like, that’s why we opened our flooring showroom in Glasgow.

We are always looking forward to new and old clients coming into our flooring showroom to check out the latest in residential flooring. We always urge anyone who is not 100% sure on what type of flooring they want, to visit our showroom and see our level of flooring quality with your own eyes.

From a Family Business You can Trust

S & R Flooring Services come recommended as a local family-run business, serving Glasgow and its surrounding areas tirelessly since inception.

Our large repeat client base coupled with our long list of positive customer testimonials means that you can be sure that the residential flooring you receive from us is of first-rate quality. We hold ourselves and our products up to extremely high standards which means you get the very best flooring solutions delivered with a convenient and professional customer service.

Order Residential Flooring Online Today

Look no further than S & R Flooring Services for the real deal when it comes to residential flooring solutions for your home. You won’t find better flooring at such a staggeringly good value-for-money anywhere else.

Call our friendly team at 0141 952 9769 or send us a quick email at

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