What are the Benefits of Green Flooring?

Benefits of Green FlooringGreen office flooring is in fashion at the moment. Many businesses are turning to green alternatives to flooring. These days you can find offices coated in cork, reclaimed wood, natural linoleum, or even bamboo. It is no longer a fad to care about the environment. However, you need to know about whether it makes business sense. Even if you hold green values, this does not mean it is good from a business point of view.

In this article, we have worked with to outline all the benefits of environmentally friendly flooring.

Cheaper than you Think

Not all types of green flooring have to come from a faraway land. You do not have to spend thousands of pounds sourcing the finest bamboo straight from China. There is more than enough environmentally friendly material here in the UK. Contractors will rarely charge anything more for installation due to the fact the process is usually the same as for any other type of floor.

It is much cheaper than you think to have green flooring installed. Furthermore, you could easily recoup the initial cost through long-term durability.

Green Credentials

It is not enough for companies to have green carpet and flooring in Glasgow put into their offices. They need to shout about it. It is not uncommon to find organisations around the UK bragging about their green credentials, and this does not just apply to businesses with an active involvement within environmental affairs. In the past, this was the case, but because the public is more aware of environmental responsibility, they are responding to companies that show they care.

The environment is also a marketing tool that can be used to get an edge on the competition. Customers who go out of their way to deal with green businesses will ultimately choose you because of your new environmentally friendly flooring.

Low Maintenance

Time is money in business and any lost time can cause you to lose thousands of pounds every business year. Many environmentally friendly flooring options do not take long at all to maintain, if they need maintaining at all. These are natural materials and they often do not stain or break easily. On the other hand, conventional manufactured floors could require hours of cleaning.

Let us compare a conventional carpet with a cork floor. A carpet has many fibres that can trap bacteria and dirt. Vacuuming it alone will not clean it up again. It requires a thorough deep clean that can take up to 24 hours to complete. Cork floors have no such problems because any dirt stays on the top, which enables it to be swept aside in a matter of minutes.

After the Floor Breaks

Eventually, every floor runs into problems. Even green flooring will eventually need replacing. Nevertheless, to further boost your green credentials you can recycle the whole floor. In fact, the floor you recycle could be remade into another floor for someone else.

In conclusion, the environmental and economic benefits of green flooring are just too much to ignore. This is why it makes sense for businesses to go green!

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