A Carpet in Your Office – Why is this Not Always a Good Idea?

IMG_0025You will find commercial carpets in most office buildings in the UK. For many business owners, this is the easiest option to go for. It does not take much effort and plenty of standardised carpets will work with any business or shop. However, this might not be the best option for carpet and flooring in Glasgow.

You may well be missing out on something better. In this article, we are going to look at why buying a carpet is not always the best idea.

The Luxury Aspect

Let us start with some of the reasons why carpets are so common. To start with, they are considered luxurious. They feel good underfoot and they are warm in the winter. For anyone working in the office, this makes them pleasurable. Nevertheless,that is about as far as it goes. Outside of this, you are confronted with a world full of problems that can be remedied through choosing an alternative flooring option.

Difficult to Maintain

Cleaning a carpet is not a low maintenance job. Dirt and debris can always become caught in the fibres of a carpet. This leaves you having to vacuum the carpet on a daily basis. Moreover,there is no guarantee you are going to remove all of it in one sitting. Every few months you will have to come in on the weekend to perform a deep and thorough clean. This is not only disruptive it is expensive.

As you can see, carpets are probably the least hygienic flooring option you can look at.

Stained and Ruined

It does not take much to ruin a good carpet. Stains always show up on carpets and moisture can ruin the fibres. Depending on where you live, the average carpet will not last more than a year before it starts to lose its conditioning.

Whilst other flooring options can be cleaned of stains, carpets rarely can. Even if you can make the stain fade, it will still be clear that something was there in the past.

What about Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are an alternative to an old-fashioned carpet. These are normally thinner and therefore are more hygienic and easier to clean. They can still stain, but because your carpet has been segmented into tiles, you can remove an individual tile and replace it with a new one. In the case of a carpet, you would have to rip it all up and completely replace it.

For businesses, carpet tiles are a great way of keeping costs down.

Does a Carpet Have Any Merit?

As you can see from this article, it is unwise to engage flooring contractors in Glasgow to have a carpet fitted. Businesses are different from residential homes because they will deal with high traffic and the rigours of work. Carpets will rarely, if ever, last more than a few years. If you are unwilling to spend the money on cleaning it and eventually replacing it, this is not a good option for you.

Overall, whilst a carpet can add a sense of luxury and comfort to a business premises, most companies will find them to be too much hassle.

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