S & R Flooring Services also provides some of the highest-quality carpeting around. These can look great in almost any room or area, be it commercial flooring or residential flooring.

We offer many exclusive carpet designs to our customers that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, this is so we can give all of our customers something unique that compliments your rooms like nothing else. S & R Flooring Services sell carpets of all different designs and colours to suit whatever area you decide to have them installed, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits perfectly.

When buying a new carpet, it doesn’t even have to cover the whole floor, some customers choose carpet with tile or laminate which we think really does look fantastic. Our flooring specialists will cut both materials to the exact sizes they need to be to include both to meet your specifications. The result is always a transformed room which you’ll be eager to show off to employees, clients, friends and family alike.

Our carpets are made using only the best material and are perfect for all kinds of settings like those shown below:

Traditional Carpet

Office Carpet

Home Carpet

Contract Carpet

Classroom Carpet

Carpet Tiles