Choosing a Quality Carpeting Solution

There are so many options available to customers looking for the perfect carpeting solution for their home or workplace. From your traditional one-colour quality carpet to the popular and modern design that is carpet tiling, there’s something for everyone.

While industrial clients tend to not have much use for carpeting, residential and commercial clients have never been so excited by the massive range of modern carpets S & R Flooring Services has on offer. Start the new year off with a new carpet which will breathe new life into your home or workplace, S & R Flooring Services have carpet solutions to match any colour scheme or location.

Below we’ll be taking a more detailed look at some of the most popular carpeting solutions offered by the team at S & R Flooring Services.

Traditional Home Carpeting


Traditional home carpeting has always been popular in the UK, with all kinds of colours, designs, and materials found in homes all across the country.

S & R Flooring Services offers a wide range of different traditional carpets for you to choose from, each is of the highest quality as we only work with well-established suppliers. This gives you many benefits as not only will you be able to choose any carpet that will suit your home, you’ll be doing so knowing that high-quality materials went into producing the new addition to your home.

There’s really no drawbacks to ordering traditional home carpeting from a well-established and local flooring company, get in touch with us today.

Durable Office Carpeting



Thousands of offices choose to use quality carpeting in their workplace for many different reasons.

Quality office carpeting looks fantastic, it is durable and resists damage, it is easy to clean, and it remains smooth and new-looking even under the pressures of chairs, desks, and people’s everyday walking. All of these terrific qualities makes investing in office carpeting that much more worth it.

Make sure however that you only buy quality office carpeting from a trusted carpeting supplier so that your investment lasts you for the long term.

Modern Carpet Tiling


Many modern offices and homes have invested in the latest popular flooring solution, carpet tiles. This allows you to create a truly unique solution to fit all of your flooring needs, they allow your floor to not only look great but also allows them to be practical while still attractive.

You can even have the best of both worlds and mix it up with quality laminate flooring alongside lovely carpeting which comes together to create some really fantastic flooring.

Check Out Our Carpets Online

You can browse through some of our carpeting solutions on our online store, or you can give our friendly team a call to chat with us about your flooring needs.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today.

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