When setting up your own business there are many crucial factors to consider. The state of the economy, the marketplace,whether the venture will be a success. But, when opening premises, you may also have to take more everyday aspects into account like the location and inside layout.

This can cover a wide area, from the decoration on the walls to the seating and the furniture. Depending on the type of business, it may be necessary to have a commercial kitchen installed for example. If this is the case, it is essential to find a company that understands the importance of anti-slip flooring who will provide the best flooring to suit your needs.

Whatever the type of flooring you are searching for, if you are looking for the best in corporate flooring, then you need look no further than S&R Flooring Services Glasgow. Leading the way with the finest flooring contractors, suppliers, and fitters in both the city and the West of Scotland.

S&R Flooring Services Glasgow is a prominent local firm, dedicated to proving our customers with the most beautifully designed, highest quality commercial kitchen flooring systems on offer.

When you call on us, you can be sure you will be in safe hands. We specialise in designing and installing top of the range commercial kitchen flooring, providing the most superlative environment for both your staff and customers alike. As they say, happy staff make delighted customers.

There is nothing more conducive for productivity than working in pleasant surroundings and a clean, hygienic, well-appointed kitchen. You can be certain our highly skilled team of contractors and fitters are experts at installing flooring which always meets quality control, strictly adheres to health and safety laws and, most important of all, creates a safe, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to work in. It is this dedication and commitment to excellence that has seen S&R Flooring Services Glasgow become a major force in the field of industrial and commercial flooring, and it is not hard to see why.

No job too large or too small. Our expert flooring specialists will not rest until the customer is completely satisfied. Be assured we pride ourselves on always working with the leading brands when installing commercial flooring,such as Amtico and Karndean.

We are always on the cutting edge of the latest advances in our field, using the finest materials. For instance, an increasing number of commercial kitchens are utilising non-slip resin screed flooring. Especially as sheet vinyl tends to rip or tear while welded joints often become undone. This can be a health and safety hazard, as it could be dangerous or cause accidents, as well as being unhygienic as it can be the source of bacteria. It only stands to reason that commercial kitchen floors must maintain hygiene levels at all times.

It makes sense that to keep a workspace safe, commercial kitchen flooring must always be nonslip. To prevent accidents, this can be achieved through the use of Polyurethane resin screed systems.

Commercial flooring kitchens also have to be strong and durable and must be able to withstand intense heat, alongside being able to deal with any spillages such as grease or oil which may take place in a busy kitchen. It may seem fundamental, but it can be an essential factor when considering putting in a floor on your business premises.

Having a well-appointed commercial kitchen can greatly enhance your business property whether rebuilding or newly installing from the ground up. You can be sure it will be expertly fitted, to your specifications, and to your complete satisfaction. It is just what you can expect from a commercial kitchen flooring system from S & R Flooring Services.

If you would like to know more about the excellent flooring solutions we provide, please visit us online or telephone 0141 534 6082 to speak to one of our specialists. You won’t be disappointed.