Why Should You Consider Rubber Commercial Flooring?

Rubber Commercial FlooringRubber flooring is a type of commercial flooring you sometimes see flooring companies in Glasgow installing. This is not a very common type of flooring, but you do see it. Most commonly, you will find it in sporting facilities, industrial zones, hospitals, and even schools. It has a number of benefits to it because of its natural cushioning and its ability to insulate.

In this article, we are going to look at why you may want to consider this type of commercial contract flooring.

A Floor to Bounce On

Rubber does have some natural give in it. This means that when something heavy hits it you will not have to deal with part of it shattering. Whilst you will not find a weight bouncing into the air, it will hit the floor without causing any real damage. It has a natural cushion to it, so you will discover that it is extremely durable. This is why industrial units use it, especially if heavy objects are regularly being transported around the premises.

Resistant to All

This is also a material that is ideal for industrial flooring in Glasgow because of how useful it is at being resistant to practically everything. You will find it resistant to bacteria, since there are no fibres for it to lurk in. You will find it resistant to water, since it does not absorb any moisture. Any water dropped will sit on top of it until someone cleans it or it evaporates. Moreover, it’s resistant to stains because of its protective coating. This way you will not have to worry about buying a new floor each time someone spills something.

High Traffic Area

One of the biggest reasons why rubber flooring is chosen over carpet is due to the fact it can cope with high traffic. In most cases, a floor will gradually wear away as thousands of feet stand on top of it. Rather than being crushed under this constant assault, it will cushion the blows and preserve itself. Yes, rubber does eventually wear away, but it will not be for an extremely long time.

Low Maintenance

Due to its stain and water resistance, this isn’t a floor that takes long to clean. It will require some deep cleaning every so often, but you will not have to scrub it after each day’s work is done. A quick mop and sweep is more than enough to eliminate 99% of the dirty and debris on top of it.

For a growing business, the time you can cut off cleaning can be better used for more productive endeavours, such as marketing and product development.

So What about Rubber Flooring?

The only real downside of rubber flooring is it is more expensive than regular flooring. It’s also less able to be customised to suit your needs. It is not like linoleum or vinyl where you can have whatever patterns and colours you like on it. The vast majority of rubber flooring is standardised. Despise this, it is durable, resistant to stains, waterproof, and can cope with the rigours of daily where. For these reasons, rubber flooring is a worthwhile flooring option.

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