The Dull Face of Concrete Flooring – Should You Avoid It?

Amtico Stone FlooringConcrete is usually far from the top choice for office or industrial flooring. Most carpet and flooring in Glasgow will be linoleum, tile, or rubber. Concrete is often criticised for the fact it does not have much character to it. At the same time, some companies are starting to change their minds. Concrete flooring is becoming more common than it ever was before.

With that in mind, we have discussed the issue with the experts at to look at concrete and determine whether it is a type of flooring you should avoid.

Why Do People Avoid Concrete?

To put it simply, it is quite boring. If you have ever seen an average pavement in an average city centre, that is what concrete is. It is dull and it does not have much of a pattern to it. Businesses do not want to get into a situation where anyone who visits will feel bored. This is why they prefer to opt for patterns and colour.

It is a perfectly valid reason. What many people forget is concrete can be made to look beautiful. Too many people dismiss it because of how they see concrete normally used. Companies that have turned to concrete have found they can give it a personality through staining and etching.

Yes, this does cost more, but due to the benefits of concrete, they see it as worthwhile.

A Style of its Own

Concrete is gradually making a comeback over other types of flooring, such as amtico flooring in Glasgow, because of how it looks. Many stores are installing it because its edgy, industrial look is in fashion at the moment. Bare concrete does have its own charms. You have to consider whether your target market will respond to this.


The Western world has many common materials, and concrete is one of them. It is used so much because it is so affordable. Any half-competent builder can make concrete at home without formal qualifications and without super heavy machinery. This means that if you want to go for an in-fashion flooring option that is not going to cost the earth concrete could be for you.


In addition to how low-cost concrete is to install, its durability also contributes to its value. You can stick with a concrete floor for a decade or two without encountering any problems. This better durability and lack of wear and tear provides you with long-term savings. A carpet you may have to replace every few years, especially if it suffers from staining. No such issues with concrete.

So is it a Good Option?

Concrete floors do have their place in business premises, but it is not for everybody. Most companies will find better options than this. Look at your target market and what your goals are. If you do not accept customers off the street, for example, bare concrete is fine because you do not need to impress anyone. So the next time you consider flooring, spend some time looking into what you can get from concrete.

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