Your Guide to Laminate and Vinyl Commercial Flooring

Any office or store needs to make sure that they have the right flooring in place. This is something that often goes ignored, but it is something you really have to pay attention to. If you have a scuffed and scrappy floor, you are going to find your brand losing its shine. A dirty and damaged floor demonstrates laziness and a lack of attention to detail.

Laminate and vinyl commercial flooring options are commonly installed by flooring contractors in Glasgow. As one of the most popular types of flooring for commercial premises, let uslook at some of the advantages.

Laminate and Vinyl Commercial Flooring


Linoleum and vinyl composition tile, to name just a couple of examples, are extremely durable. They have a protective coating over the material that stops dents and scratches. Yes, this does wear away over time, but you can easily keep the same type of flooring for ten to fifteen years before it needs to be completely replaced.

Stain Resistant

The protective coating also does not absorb any liquids that stain. Let us say you drop blackcurrant juice over the floor. In the case of a carpet, you would be left with a horrible dark stain that you cannot get rid of. Due to the fact linoleum and vinyl flooring has a protective coating, the liquid will not soak into the material. Instead, it will rest on the top until it evaporates. There are practically no materials that can cause staining on one of these floors.

Low Maintenance

Commercial and industrial flooring in Glasgow should not be a part of your premises that takes up a significant amount of time. You do not want to have to spend an hour at the end of every day cleaning the floor. Time is money and it is an extra job you simply do not want. Low maintenance floors are what every business owner wants. You should not have to conduct a major cleaning any more often than once or twice every few months.

Cost Effective

It is not expensive to purchase this type of commercial flooring in Glasgow. Anyone can pick it up at a significantly low price. This is because the production methods are not expensive. The material is plentiful and there is a high supply of it, as well as a high demand. Its cost per square metre is much lower than wood flooring and carpets.

The Colours and Patterns You Want

What makes this type of flooring stand out from other options is you can have any pattern you please. There are no restrictions on the colours or the patterns. This means that if you wanted to splash some extra cash, you could order a customised linoleum floor with your company colours printed on it.

It is the only type of flooring that allows you to brand yourself in the way you please. By making your store stand out in this way, anyone walking in will know that he or sheis not just visiting any old business. Take note, you do need to shop around to check for the latest colours and patterns.

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