There can be nothing more important in a workplace than creating a safe, productive setting to do your job. If you are operating out of a factory or a warehouse, and have a busy workforce, you need to be sure you have generated the ideal working situation, where you, your employees and customers can be well catered for, and that is where we come in.

S & R Flooring Services has always been on the cusp of fitting and installing the sturdiest, most attractive industrial solution, to bring strength, stability and even splendour to your factory. You cannot underestimate the dedication and detail our highly skilled specialists bring to installing the optimum commercial flooring solution for your workplace. We will be with you every step of the way, from designing the right flooring to its very installation, which will be conducted promptly and efficiently, to your total satisfaction.

Our customers can rest assured that, when you call on S & R Flooring Services, they will benefit from our vast knowledge and expertise in providing first-rate industrial flooring. If you are a business owner looking to renovate your factory, office, or facility, or put down new flooring, then we can give you the finest deal available. We are unswerving in our drive to provide you with the most durable cost effective flooring system, which will meet any health and safety protocol and can be installed without delay.When it comes to offering our customers the foremost industrial flooring service, you can depend on the leading fitters, suppliers and installers in Glasgow, S & R Flooring Services.

We understand how vitally important a safe, robust flooring system can be in the day to day running of your business. It can add to productivity; create a safe working space as well as improve employee morale, where they can take comfort in the fact, they are working in a well presented and maintained office or factory, which can only yield positive results.

There is no denying that sound, easy to clean and expertly prepared industrial flooring can greatly enhance your premises, as well as help avoid accidents, which is always of paramount importance. Our industrial floorings are not only of the finest quality and visually attractive, but follow the most stringent health and safety measures, to prevent any disasters.

If laying down the flooring on the shop or factory floor, in the office or the canteen, there are many varied factors to account for. The fact is, you need a system that can take the constant flow of employees coming in and out, whether beginning or ending their shifts. What’s more, depending on the type of business you are in, the floor may have to withstand the size and weight, and possible heat of heavy machinery, rattling and rumbling above. However, you do not have to worry, because our experienced specialists have the skills, as well as the access to the latest brands and materials, which can be used in the construction of our flawless flooring system.

For instance, if fitting out the employee’s cafeteria, an increasing number of commercial kitchens are using a non-slip resin, as sheet vinyl often tears, and the welded joints can become unfastened, which can be unsafe as well as unhygienic if bacteria begin to form.

It may not surprise you to learn that commercial kitchens generally need increased compressive strength and durability to deal with abrasion and heavy loads. It also requires thermal protection, to withstand the heat from the oven.

The same applies to a factory floor, where the heat and weight of machinery can play a key role in the installation of industrial flooring.

Overall, two of the most popular types of flooring used in the commercial and industrial area tend to be HF resin and heavy-duty Polyurethane RT floors, due to their physical and chemical characteristics.

Polyurethane resin is known for being particularly hard-wearing, because of its incredible abrasion and impact properties. This is as well as its ability to endure heavy loads, which makes them ideal for workspaces like factories

It can also be especially suited for factories and warehouses using heavy rain channels, to make sure the water runs in the direction of the drains. The resin is also known for making the floor easier to clean, which can help stop spillage on a busy factory floor.

If you are a business owner opening new premises or renovating a pre-existing location, you wish to be sure that the flooring is not only strong and dependable but beautifully laid out and adhering to health and safety law.

You can create the most superlative, productive workspace for your staff and customers in equal measure, by having an industrial flooring solution installed by S & R Flooring Services.

You can count on us to do an excellent job when fitting out your workplace. This is what makes us the leading fitter and installer of the finest quality industrial flooring solutions in Glasgow.

We will work tirelessly to fit the perfect flooring service to adorn your factory floor, to increase productivity and possibly raise customer and employee morale. So, it can always be good business to put your faith in S & R Flooring Services. You can rely on us.