Karndean Flooring S & R Flooring ServicesWe are qualified flooring specialists in the use of Karndean Brand Flooring, which is great news for customers and potential clients.

Karndean brand flooring is used by flooring contractors around the world as it provides sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective flooring. We whole-heartedly recommend Karndean brand flooring as it looks great in almost any setting, be it used in commercial flooring, industrial flooring or residential flooring.

The advantages of Karndean flooring are vast and that is exactly why we use it as S & R Flooring Services. If you have any other questions about our use of Karndean brand flooring, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 0141 563 2840, we’re always happy to hear from you.

Karndean Design Flooring is used by flooring contractors and specialists throughout the world due to its:

  • ✔ Durability
  • ✔ Versatility
  • ✔ Realism
  • ✔ Low Maintenance
  • ✔ Unending Designs
  • ✔ Affordability
  • ✔ And Many Others

Karndean is used for both industrial and commercial purposes, as well as in the home, so no matter what type of customer you are, this might be the flooring for you.

Here are some examples of Karndean Flooring:

Karndean Floors S & R Flooring Services