Do you work in the hospitality industry? Are you planning to open your own place and looking to build, or perhaps take over an existing property and renovate it? There are many options open to you if you are looking to be the proprietor of a local pub, bar, or restaurant.

There is a great deal to plan for, one of the most fundamental considerations being the layout, and how it looks inside. This can have a profound effect on business, and if you can attract customers, as creating the right mood and atmosphere can be crucial. It can extend from choosing the right furnishings to the interior design, all adding to a fun, relaxing evening out, where you can feel comfortable having a pint down the local. However, when decorating your pub or restaurant, there are other elements to consider beyond simply how aesthetically attractive the place may be.

There are other essential aspects, from strength and durability to creating safe surroundings for both your patrons and those the workforce.One of the crucial factors to consider when opening a bar or restaurant is the right flooring. It can be the centrepiece that can not only brighten the look of your establishment but can conduct many crucial roles, which can not only improve productivity but create a happy working environment and maintain safety, amongst others.

Who would have thought that merely installing the right commercial flooring in your pub or restaurant could help make your venture a success? The kind of place punters will flock to, where they can feel comfortable and have an enjoyable time, while your employees can work in safety, all thanks to a strong, attractive flooring system, provided by S&R Flooring Services.

If you are a hotelier looking to fit out your place and place the sturdiest, most beautiful commercial flooring down, then you have come to the right place. Those working in the hotel trade can turn to the leading installer and fitter of top-quality flooring services in Glasgow.

We are obsessed with offering our customers a vast array of first-rate commercial flooring, ideal for every kind of premises used in the hospitality, as well as the travel industry, such as restaurants, bars, hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in and around the city.

When you stop in the pub for a drink, have something to eat in a restaurant, or stay in a hotel, it is often easy to forget how much work and preparation goes into putting down the flooring, which must meet many different requirements.

For instance, when fitting a commercial flooring system for a public house, or an eatery, you have to make allowances for the massive footfall of patrons or diners who may be passing through your doors, which also applies to a large number of guests who may be taking rooms in your hotel. You have to be sure that the floor will be strong and durable and will not show wear and tear by the large numbers entering the premises.

We at S & R Flooring Services pride ourselves on using the most up to date techniques and materials when installing a top-quality flooring service. These days, industrial kitchen floors, especially those used in the hospitality trade, are the anti-slip type, in equally wet and dry conditions, which can help bar, restaurant and hotel staff work in a safe, healthy environment. For instance, non-slip Polyurethane resin screed, as well as HF resin systems are often employed in commercial flooring. The former in particular is known for its non-slip properties, which could avert any accidents befalling staff or customers alike.

The floor in the kitchen of the pub, eatery or hotel must always be seamless and sustain 100% hygiene at all times while preventing the growth of microbial and bacteria. You can achieve a seamless finish through the use of a Polyurethane resin screed system.

A commercial kitchen floor in hospitality premises needs an elevated level of compressive strength, to bear the abrasion and heavy load of a bustling kitchen. So, it will not buckle under the foot of the waiting, bar and hotel staff passing through its doors.

It should also obviously be able to withstand the high temperatures of the ovens, so the latest commercial kitchen floors can offer thermal protection to deal with the heat. They must also be resistant to substances like grease and oil from foodstuff to prevent spillages, as well as being able to be de-greased and sanitised, in case of any mishaps. Fortunately, though, Polyurethane resin screed systems are chemically resistant, making them capable of tolerating organic acids, so they can be cleaned.

If you are working in the hospitality industry and planning to install the finest quality commercial floor for your pub, hotel, or restaurant, then you should call in a specialist. For the ideal location for your staff, guests, and patrons alike, beautiful to look out, while being a safe, productive place to work, they depend on

S & R Flooring Services Glasgow. The Number One flooring contractor and suppliers in the city, will not rest until they have installed the best flooring service available, at an unbeatable price. When sprucing up your local, fitting out the perfect place to eat, or creating a home away from home for your hotel guests, then look no further.