Stone Flooring and Commercial Premises – Is it Viable?

Commercial Non Slip Flooring Tiles GlasgowManufactured stone flooring is a type of flooring that is notvery common. You will typically find it in the form of industrial flooring, rather than in an office in the centre of the city. Most business owners will never stop to consider manufactured stone flooring because they do not understand it. Obviously, you don’t want to turn your office into the equivalent of a Roman villa. Exactly how viable is stone when it comes to contract flooring in your business?

Cold and Hot

Becauseit is made of stone, you can expect that during the winter it will get cold. Stone does not retain heat well, so you may have to leave the heating on for longer towards the end of the year when the rain and the wind rolls in.

On the other hand, you will find it to be a great benefit in the summer when your business becomes hot and stuffy. It is far better than having a carpet designed to actively retain heat.


Stone flooring definitely stands out in the realm of office flooring when we start to speak about durability. It ismanufactured stone, but it retains the durability of any rock you would find in a quarry. You can drop heavy items on top of it and it will not make a scratch. The fact is a good stone floor could last a lifetime, if it is taken care of properly.

The most common types of stone floor are quarry tile, terrazzo, and Mexican Saltillo tiles. There are other types, but these are the most common, and therefore the cheapest.

What about the Cost?

There is no getting away from the fact stone flooring is initially more expensive than most other types of flooring. You can easily spend thousands of pounds on a large stone floor. Instantly, many business owners will think that this is now the wrong option for them. Before coming to that conclusion, think about the long-term savings you can make.

Most linoleum floors will have to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. Some carpets will only last a good five years in high traffic areas. Stone floors will last for decades. Yes, you can pay more now, but in the long-term you will actually save money, when comparing other flooring options.


Stone floors are easy to clean because any dirt or debris will stick on top of the tiles. All you have to do is vacuum or mop it up. Dirt will become more visible than it would in the case of a carpet, but at the same time, you will find cleaning times reduced.

Overall, you should consider manufactured stone flooring as a long-term option for your business premises. You will need to make a significant investment to have it installed, but you will make money back in the future. In the meantime, you will be getting a durable type of floor that does not require a great deal of time to clean and maintain. What more could you want from a floor?

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