Where to Install Quality Wet Flooring

Wet flooring is a fantastic investment for both commercial and residential customers as there is almost always a room or area where it is applicable.

Residential customers often choose to have quality wet flooring installed in their bathrooms as a way of dealing with excess water congregating on their floor. With wet flooring from S & R Flooring Services, you’ll no longer have to worry about any accidental spills causing potential damage or accidents any longer.

Commercial customers find wet flooring from S & R Flooring Services to be a terrific solution to water build-up in all kinds of establishments and facilities. These great wet floors are often used in swimming pools, gyms, shower rooms, and much more. Wherever you require a floor that drains excess liquids and subsequently prevents damage and injury, S & R Flooring Services can most definitely make it happen.

Wet Flooring for the Home

Recycled Glass Flooring

As we mentioned above, many homeowners choose to have our popular wet flooring installed in certain rooms. These are usually bath and shower rooms which otherwise may accidentally flood and/or be accident prone.

Many customers find that wet flooring is a fantastic addition to your home if you have young children or if you have a disabled person living alongside you. The extra safety and damage prevention can be just the thing to make your bathroom more accessible for all.

Need wet flooring installed but don’t know where to begin? Give the team at S & R Flooring Services a call and we’ll take you through everything you need to know.

Commercial Wet Flooring for your Facilities


wet flooringCommercial wet flooring is very popular in places like gyms, swimming pools, and schools. Anywhere where people could be subjected to walking on wet floors is naturally going to be a fantastic place to install quality wet flooring,

It is especially important to think about having wet flooring installed if you own or manage a facility where there is a lot of footfall every day, this is because every person walking is another chance for someone to slip and sustain injury. It’s worth investing in quality wet flooring to dramatically reduce the chance of any customers, employees, or colleagues having an unfortunate accident.

S & R Flooring Services offer a wide range of unique wet flooring solutions to meet almost any need and requirement. Speak with one of our flooring experts today to find out what solution best suits your requirements.

Invest in Wet Flooring Today

Investing in installing some quality wet flooring, be it residential or commercial, is never as expensive as most people believe. It’s also a great way to save money in the long-term if you install it somewhere where it will prevent accidents and damage.

Get in touch with Glasgow’s wet flooring experts today to find out how you could have your very own wet flooring installed in your home or workplace in no time at all. We have the flooring solutions for everyone and anyone.

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